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EYBA-Newsletter. Fall Edition

We are delighted to present you the new Autumn’s Edition of the European Young Bar Association (EYBA)’s Newsletter, which includes an special reference of the AGM & Summer Conference that took place in Barcelona last June of 2014, as well as the publication of the legal article of the winner of the I Edition of the EYBA Prize, which was awarded to a young lawyer of Barcelona!

The index is as follows:


1. The EYBA visits Barcelona- AGM & Summer Conference 2014
2. Let’s get to know them. A focus on the new EYBA Executive Committee for 2014-2015
3. The President’s message: challenges facing the new Committee over the forthcoming year
4. A sketch of the ABA - YLD Annual Meeting in Boston
5. Coming events: SAVE THE DATE!
6. THE LEGAL ARTICLE. Written by Juan Cuenca Màrquez – winner of the 1st Edition of the EYBA PRIZE, that took place in the AGM & Summer Conference in Barcelona

You will be able to read the full Newsletter at the following link:




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