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EYBA-Newsletter. Fall Edition

We are delighted to present you the new Autumn’s Edition of the European Young Bar Association (EYBA)’s Newsletter, which includes an special reference of the AGM & Summer Conference that took place in Barcelona last June of 2014, as well as the publication of the legal article of the winner of the I Edition of the EYBA Prize, which was awarded to a young lawyer of Barcelona!

The index is as follows:


1. The EYBA visits Barcelona- AGM & Summer Conference 2014
2. Let’s get to know them. A focus on the new EYBA Executive Committee for 2014-2015
3. The President’s message: challenges facing the new Committee over the forthcoming year
4. A sketch of the ABA - YLD Annual Meeting in Boston
5. Coming events: SAVE THE DATE!
6. THE LEGAL ARTICLE. Written by Juan Cuenca Màrquez – winner of the 1st Edition of the EYBA PRIZE, that took place in the AGM & Summer Conference in Barcelona

You will be able to read the full Newsletter at the following link:




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    Project of the Barcelona Bar Association “Ukrainian Population Assistance”

    On Thursday February 24, 2022, the Council of the Barcelona Bar Association made public its condemnation of Russia's unilateral declaration of war and invasion of Ukraine.
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    Sant Raimon 2020: Cena del GAJ el 1 de febrero. ¡ÚLTIMAS ENTRADAS!

    El Grupo de la Abogacía Joven (GAJ) organiza el sábado 1 de febrero de 2020, a las 21 horas, su tradicional Cena de Sant Raimon para sus agrupados y agrupadas. El plazo de inscripción finaliza el 30 de enero. ¡No te lo pierdas!
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    Official Sponsor of VYP Barcelona: SpeechStorming, SL

    We are pleased to inform you that SpeechStorming SL has been one of the official sponsors of our International Meeting- The Value of the Young Professionals, that took place last April 30th in the Barcelona Bar Association.


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