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The Barcelona Bar Association hosts the semifinals of the ERA's "Young Lawyers Contest 2022"

On Monday, June 13th of 2022, the Secretary of the Governing Board of the Barcelona Bar Association, Joaquim de Miquel, inaugurated the semifinals of the “Young European Lawyers Contest 2022” of the Academy of European Law (ERA), at its headquarters.


Under the watchful eye of a jury of leading European law professionals, contestants have learned to work with colleagues from other legal cultures to build strong cases in areas as diverse as fundamental rights and the rule of law, access to justice, economic law, border cooperation in civil and commercial matters, and criminal justice.

The event is an opportunity for national and regional lawyers to encourage their young lawyers to become enthusiastic about European law and to learn how to use it to improve their day-to-day practice.

The ERA has produced this Competition with the support of the CCBE and, on this occasion, also in collaboration with the ICAB.



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