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Young Advocacy Group (GAJ Barcelona)

The Barcelona Young Bar Association-"YBA"- ("GAJ Barcelona") and the EYBA attended the Gala Dinner of the Parisian lawyers through the presence of Elisabeth Batista, Executive Officer of the Barcelona YBA and the President of the EYBA

Last Weekend (11 and 12 of December 2015) the dinners of the Paris young lawyers and the Gala Dinner of the Paris Bar Association, better known as "Le Bal du Bâtonnier", took place in the Palais de Justice of Paris. Such dinners are events of great importance at institutional level. Therefore, the Barcelona YBA tries to attend annually to both. In this case (as in the previous year), Elisabeth Batista was commissioned to represent us. She took the opportunity to present the European Young Bar Association to the young lawyers of Paris and explained the potential benefits which would bring them in case they decided to become members.

Moreover, the possibility that Barcelona young lawyers make an internship in a Law firm in Paris or Bordeaux is being considered as an opportunity that arise due to the contacts made during this meeting. We will keep you informed on this topic.

Regarding the severe attacks that took place recently in Paris, we took an interest in how our fellows from Paris lived this situation. We were informed that, unfortunately, a young lawyer was shot and deceased that fateful day. Several minutes of silence were observed in memory of all the deceased.

 We hope you find this information interesting.

The Barcelona Young Bar Association

("GAJ Barcelona")



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