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Young Advocacy Group (GAJ Barcelona) | Young Advocacy Group (GAJ)

The Spanish Young Bar Association (CEAJ) decides to join the EYBA at its General Meeting on 6th March 2016, in Alcalá de Henares and presentation of the International Meeting- The Value of Young Professionals, 30th April 2016 in Barcelona

Last 5 March 2016 took place one of the General Meetings of the Spanish Young Bar Association, CEAJ, in order to comment and approved the day-to-day Association’s tasks.

One of the main points to be discussed was the joining of CEAJ to EYBA. Before taking any decisions, and although the EYBA was already presented last November in their meeting in Valladolid, a summary of the main reasons to join the EYBA and the costs involved was explained by its President, Elisabeth Batista.

The CEAJ is an Association whose members are young bar associations from Spain. Concretely, there are 56 young bar associations and 7 confederations, meaning that the CEAJ represents more than 50,000 Spanish young lawyers.

The votes for the YES to join EYBA were not definite until all young bar associations voted. The definite result was that the majority of Spanish young lawyers wants to be represented internationally by the EYBA. A few months, only the Barcelona Young Bar Association-YBA- (“GAJ Barcelona”) was the unique Spanish YBA. However, after presenting the EYBA by its President at the last two CEAJ’s meetings  in November and in March, with the Madrid YBA and CEAJ, the EYBA has increased automatically their members from around 230,000 to more than 280,000 young lawyers.

There still a lot of work to be done and what it is most priority now is to make visible the Spanish young lawyers in an international level and to increase their participation in all projects being executed by the EYBA.

This EYBA new member must be consider a big success not for the European young lawyers but also for the Barcelona YBA, which having right now the EYBA Presidency since last June 2016 through Elisabeth Batista, is internationalizing considerably the advocacy by making known such Association.

Last but not least, the “International Meeting- The Value of Young Professionals” was presented to all CEAJ’s members, with the aim to encourage them to attend such meeting. Besides, Cristina Llop, the CEAJ’s President has been invited as one of the moderators of the conferences that will be given in such meeting.

Welcome CEAJ!
Congratulations EYBA and Barcelona YBA!

The Barcelona Young Bar Association
“GAJ Barcelona”



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