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The 3rd International Trade Fair offers two modes of registration: Attendance to the Fair in person or online

In accordance to the events in St. Raymond 2015, on January 29 and 30 the third annual International Trade Fair will take place at ICAB (Carrer de Mallorca, 281). This international event will be dedicated to networking and will include the participation of representatives from nearly 20 countries. OPEN REGISTRATION! Registration for the event is now open!

United States, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Russia, France, Nigeria, Latvia, Poland, Brazil, Luxembourg, Peru, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Italy and Morocco have already confirmed their participation in the fair.
For this occasion, the Fair will be a wonderful international event that promotes networking and business relationships, while also creating synergies between businesses worldwide. Contacts between different lawyers will be available in person and for the first time ever, also virtually. The event hopes to create thousands of professional partners both virutally and physically. So sign up and internationalize your law firm!
Types of registration

The fair offers two modes of registration:
• Option A. Enrollment for International Fair 2015 (enclosed) + Virtual Fair Access (web). This option is designed for those wishing to attend the 3rd International Fair in person. It allows full access to the Fair at ICAB on January 29th and 30th and full access to the Virtual Fair (web) . PRICE : 300 € (general) / € 275 (ICAB)

• Option B. Enrollment for Virtual Fair (web) . Allows access only to Virtual Fair (web), but not the Expo. This mode is designed for those who can not attend the fair in person, but are interested in networking through the Web platform / social network. Price € 40.   



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